In the News 3/2/11

Some interesting articles have come out this week, take a look.

DNA analysis reveals gene alterations linked to autism - it looks like entire genetic pathways that interfere with the way that nerves communicate with each other are involved in causing autism.

Study: Marijuana use leads to increased risk of psychotic symptoms - parents, please make sure your older children and teens are aware of this. There is more and more evidence mounting that marijuana use by teenagers can significantly effect their health later in life.

Modest sleep loss impairs performance in kids with ADHD - This is a real issue, especially since 25% of children with ADHD have an associated sleep disorder. By far the most common is called sleep onset latency disorder, which means simply that they go to bed and can’t fall asleep right away, sometimes for several hours. If you have a child with ADHD that has sleep issues, please discuss it with their doctor, there are treatments that can help.
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