It has dawned on me that there is a lot of pediatric information available out there - on the web, in magazines and books, on television shows and advertising. It really is an overwhelming amount of material for a pediatrician to try to keep up with, let alone one of my patients or their parents.

On top of that, it is often hard to locate information specific to children in the greater Chico area. I am hoping to make this, as best I can, a “one stop shopping” site for that relevant info. Obviously, I can’t cover everything, but will try to choose what seems most relevant to my patients.

There is a separate, single entry, blog titled Questions (see the side bar). Here you can post questions that you would like me to address. I will do my best to provide an answer in a timely fashion on “Dr. Corp’s Blog”

Thank you for being here, I hope this is a useful venue for all of us to interact!