New Meningitis Vaccine Booster Recommendation

Here’s an FYI for parents of teenagers. In the past, children have received a single dose of the meningococcal vaccine, usually at age 11 or 12. This vaccine is to protect them from Neiseria meningitidis, which is the one bacteria that can go directly from person to person as a severe ilife threatening infection around the brain and spinal cord. There have been outbreaks on High School campuses and in college dormitories in the past couple of decades. It is around, there are a handful of cases in Chico each year. If you are not vaccinated and catch the disease, there is a one in three chance you will die and a good chance of brain damage if you survive.

It has become apparent that one dose of the vaccine is not sufficient for lifetime immunity. It is now recommended that all children who have had their first dose get a second, booster, dose at age 16-18. Any teen over age 11 who has not had any doses will need two doses to complete the series. Children with specific immune system disorders can receive the vaccine as early as two years of age.

This is a serious disease. Please make sure your child is fully vaccinated, You may just be saving his life.
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