What's going around 4/4/2011

It looks like the respiratory season is dying down a bit. There is still a bit of croup, Strep. throat as well as a non-Strep. viral sore throat, and general coughs and colds going around.

Now that it’s getting dry and warm and things are growing and the wind is blowing, allergies are hitting hard (See When Allergies Attack).

Also now that the weather is nice we are seeing lots of kids coming in with various injuries - sprains, cuts and broken bones. Please make sure your children are always wearing appropriate protective gear for what they are doing. For anything outside on wheels (bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards, etc.) make sure they have their helmet on. Even relatively low speed crashes can lead to sever head injuries - a brain is a terrible thing to waste. You should also consider knee elbow and wrist guards for skates and skateboards. For any organized sports, make sure your child were the appropriate protective equipment that is of the right size and is being worn properly. This may take some observation and teaching as children often hurry and skip steps in fastening equipment that can lead to serious injuries.

Have fun, be safe, and see your doctor if any questions or problems arise!
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